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frequently  asked  questions


when & Where do the sessions take place?

My Studio is located in East Anchorage and is filled with beautiful light, minimalist styling, a relaxing atmosphere, and everything we could possibly need for our session. The Wardrobe is available for your use, there's a play area for the kiddos, a comfy couch, and lots of snacks and drinks so nobody gets hangry. Sessions are scheduled for Tuesdays & Thursdays during the midday hours.

Outdoor sessions take place during the golden evening hours when the sunlight is just right. There are so many beautiful spots in Alaska and sessions can take place at one of many my favorite (very picturesque) locations or we'll go on an adventure together! (Winter sessions are much earlier due to less light, typically 10am-2pm)

If your children have early bedtimes or there are evening scheduling conflicts, then we may be able to do a morning/sunrise session instead or specifically plan for an overcast day so we can do late afternoon instead.

There are limited weekend openings available for studio & outdoor sessions and are first-come, first-served, with priority given to Baby Plan and VIP members. In-home sessions are limited. Please contact the studio to discuss availability. 

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How long are sessions? What if my child is shy or very active?

Petite sessions last 30 minutes and are short & sweet. Portrait sessions last about an hour for milestones/family and 2hrs for newborn sessions. With all my sessions I plan a little more time so we don't feel rushed and can take extra time and breaks as needed. 

Most little ones need a bit to warm up first and get comfortable, so I'll spend a few minutes at the beginning of the session introducing myself and becoming their new best friend. During our session I have all the best tricks up my sleeve. Silly faces and even sillier jokes, camera buddy pals, and even a big red nose. We'll put on their favorite tunes and just have the very best time together.

My studio has a play area for kids with a darling dollhouse and classic toys, plus plenty of books. And of course, lots of snacks! During newborn sessions we usually start with family pictures while everyone is fresh, clean, and excited. Then we'll do sibling portraits once the kids are ready to solo in front of the camera. The rest of the time is free for playing, snacking, and relaxing.

If your child is especially active then an outdoor session may be the best fit so they have plenty of room to move and explore, making happy memories while we take pretty pictures. 

I will ALWAYS make sure that we get all the pictures so you have a full gallery, as promised. If something happens, like an unexpected illness or a complete meltdown, it's okay. We can take a break and try again in a bit. We've only had to stop and try again on a different day twice in 10+ years, but it is an option if needed.

Can we meet first?

Of course! Before our session we can set up a consultation, which can take place over the phone, email, or at the studio if you'd like to meet in person. 

how far in advance should we schedule?

It's never too early to book! Ideally, the best time to book is a month in advance as my schedule does fill up, especially during the busy season, but I always try to leave room to accommodate new arrivals and last minute sessions. And sometimes families need to reschedule so you may be able to snag an opening!

If we plan farther than two months out then we may not be able to choose an exact date as of yet, especially if we don't have work or extracurricular schedules for that time frame. Instead we'll put an approximate date down (usually 1st or 15th so I know earlier/later in the month) and choose our date once we get closer. 

The same thing is true if we're trying to capture a golden sunset, the fireweed blooming, fall foliage, or fresh-snow winter wonderland. We'll pick out an approximate date, keep an eye on things, and then schedule once we get closer. 

how soon after birth should we plan the newborn session?

Newborn sessions are penciled in for the weeks surrounding your due date. Once baby arrives then we'll pick out an official date for our session. Babies are very sleepy for the first two weeks after arriving and this allows us to do the gentle baby-led posing, sleepy poses, and have more variety in images. Also, Dad is on paternity leave or has a more flexible work schedule during this time.   

For example, if your baby is due April 16th but arrives April 10th, then we'd schedule for the following week, when baby is about a week old or the week after if baby needs to gain some extra weight or mom has a longer recovery time. 

Some babies need a little extra care after being born or might spend some time in the NICU. In those instances, then we just plan for whenever baby is strong enough for the newborn session, which may be several weeks or even months. It's alright! We can get newborn-esque pictures anytime in those first few months of babyhood. 

are parents/siblings included? What about grandparents?

Absolutely. These sessions are all about your family and documenting your favorite moments and memories with your favorite people in the world. I encourage the whole family -siblings included- to take part in our session and there's no extra charge for immediate family members. And I especially love grandparents joining us for the newborn or milestone sessions!

To include extended family members (both sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc), please book a separate extended family session.

What should we wear? Do you help with styling?

Choosing your outfits doesn't have to be stressful. With dozens of options for the whole family, the Studio wardrobe takes away the stress and the extra expense, allowing you to focus on what matters most: making memories with your family.

And if you want to put together your own outfits, then my style guides help narrow everything down so you can find exactly what you love. And I'm always available to help one-on-one!

Meanwhile, I have everything we need for baby, including wraps, bonnets, headbands, and baskets. You just need to bring the baby! If there is anything sentimental you'd like to include, like a blanket given by Grandma or the booties you wore as a baby, then please let me know ahead of time so we can incorporate these family heirlooms into our session.

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What happens if we have bad weather?

We'll keep a close eye on the weather forecast in the days leading up to our outdoor session. The day before, I'll be in touch to discuss plans and we'll come up with a Plan B in case we get rain/storm/snow/cold. On the day of, we'll make the call approx. 6hrs before the scheduled start time and decide to go ahead and reschedule for a different date.

Keep in mind that weather, especially here in Alaska, is unpredictable so we'll hope for the best and always be a flexible as possible. 

what if we have to reschedule?

Life happens, I absolutely understand, and there is no penalty or fee to reschedule.

We do have a no-sick policy so please let me know if an immediate family member has a fever (over 102°) or any other excessive viral symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, or vomiting in the last 24hrs. I follow the same rules for my own family, and always try to have my client's best interests at heart. 

Similarly, if you have a work or personal scheduling conflict arise, please let me know so we can pick a new date. Most times, another family is able to take advantage of the opening so as much notice as possible is greatly appreciated. 

what happens after our session?

Your gallery is ready in about 3 weeks and I'll send over your private online gallery for viewing and you'll see all your images for the first time and make your order selection. Once your order is placed we'll take care of the design and style options via email and your order will be ready for pickup (or shipment) in a few weeks. Afterwards, your ordered digital files will be archived for safekeeping.

how much do families typically spend?

Session packages range from $500-$2000 and families choose the option that best fits their needs.

Choose either a smaller Petite session or full Signature Portrait session. The Petite session is all-inclusive and includes the session itself, digital files, and 4x6 prints. The Portrait session offers the full experience and a session fee secures your chosen date and a collection is chose afterwards. 

After the session, we'll meet (either in-person or virtually) for the Gallery Reveal where you'll see all your beautiful pictures for the first time and choose the package or collection. Petite Session package include either a set of 10 digital files or the whole gallery of 20+ images. The Portrait Session collections include all 40+ digital files, custom artwork and heirloom albums.

The popular Baby Plan Membership and VIP Club include waived session fees and discounts on ordering.

All-inclusive Petite Collections starting at $500
Portrait Session $200 fee + Collection beginning at $950
Baby Plan Membership $500 enrollment + discounts & benefits
VIP Club $350 enrollment + discounts & benefits

what about the digital files? Are there backups?

Everyone wants the digital images and I want you to have them, too! That's why the digital images from our session are included in each package or collection. The images are also archived for a minimum of one year afterwards, just in case you accidentally delete them or have a hard drive crash. I got you!

what is the baby plan membership and vip club?

By far the most popular choice for families, the Baby Plan Membership offers a one-time enrollment that waives the session fees for THREE sessions (petite or portrait) and includes ordering discounts, complimentary products, and exclusive mini-session events. 

Another great option is the VIP Club, our beloved loyalty program. Enrollment includes ONE waived session fee and offers ordering & booking discounts on all future sessions. 

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Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, payment plans are available. I know that custom photography can be a big investment, both emotionally and financially, and I'm honored and delighted to help families document these special memories. We can divide your order into monthly payments with invoices being be sent on the 1st or the 15th of the month, whichever is most convenient. Some products may not be ordered and/or delivered until payment is complete.