It is a place filled with such beauty. Wide, open oceans. Tall mountains that sing of might and majesty. Open fields filled to the brim with wildflowers. And riverfronts that beckon you to forget everything and quiet times with those you love. Whether you've lived here all your life, are making new memories in this place you now call home, or are visiting for the adventure of a lifetime, you couldn’t ask for a prettier backdrop to a session than the great state of Alaska.

With locations in both the greater Anchorage area and in the Matsu Valley, there are options for every session type and any wish list. Love mountains? Got those. Want mountains and ocean? Yup. Need something with easy accessibility? Got you covered. Or how about a field of fireweed? I know just the spot. 

Let’s make some beautiful memories together in this beautiful place we call home.

click below to view some of my favorite locations

Sessions take place just after sunrise/early morning or just before sunset, during what is known as the golden hours.

The specific look and colors of a location vary from season to season.

November-March is snowy winter with December/January providing the best snowfall for a winter wonderland.
April-May is the beginning of spring where the grass is very light and trees may still be sparse, the best locations are ocean/lakefront
June-August is the height of summer and filled with long, sunny days and bright, vivid landscapes.
September-October is our short-but-beautiful autumn is has such warm golden light and soft colors.

For scheduling, I live in Wasilla so the MatSu Valley locations have more flexibility while Anchorage locations can only be scheduled for specific days/times.

Some locations require an entrance or parking fee for visits over 30 minutes. If you plan on visiting a lot of places over the course of the year then I highly recommend purchasing annual parking passes and avoid the headache: Alaska State Park Parking Pass ($50) and Matanuska-Susitna Borough parking pass ($40). 



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