I'm Megan, a natural-light photographer based in Anchorage, Alaska. My heart adores authentic moments, soft tones, and all things baby & motherhood. 


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Let’s be honest, my phone is usually within arm’s reach. I use it to stay in touch with my family, Marco Polo my mom all-the-time, take cute pictures of my cute kids, and of course, update social media. Surprisingly, instead of pictures as my background, I prefer an at-a-glance calendar or inspirational message, allowing my wallpaper to be either efficient or encouraging, depending on my needs at the time.  

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As we go into this busy, hectic, wonderful holiday season, it’s all too easy to get sucked in even more to our phones and the to-do list that comes with that. My phone reminds me to work out, drink more water, shop for gifts, plan the upcoming birthday party, go to the dentist, attend that event, send off cards, find a new gingerbread recipe, and please don’t forget to pickup up my in-laws from the airport.  

By the end of the day, I’m close to brain-dead and just want to lay in bed and veg by scrolling through endless social media. But instead of helping me relax, I find that scrolling only adds to the stress by reminding me of yet another task. Or, I’ll see a fellow mom show off her new tablescape and instead of being happy for her, I suddenly feel this pressure to do it, too.  

”Comparison is the thief of joy.” 

Theodore Roosevelt 

I recently read a really great article from Madeline Shaw (she shares my maiden name so I like her) about how comparison steals our confidence and contentment and replaces it with self-doubt and inadequacy.  

Social media is notorious for promoting an ideal lifestyle, one that is virtually impossible for anyone to obtain. We compare ourselves to this perfect ideal and feel less-than, when really all we’re seeing is the “perfect” moments within a completely normal life. Not to burst your bubble, but all those picture-perfect houses get messy eventually. 

So instead of scrolling at bedtime, I have my phone set for wind-down an hour beforehand, with limits on my social media and most tempting apps. I’ve been doing this quiet time for several months now and can testify to how much it has helped my stress levels and mental well-being. Instead of the threat of comparison creeping in during my most vulnerable times, I read a book, write in my journal, or just chat with my hubby about our day- and it’s the most wonderful thing ever.  

Instead of losing sight of everything I love about our life, I’m choosing to see the good and find my joy.  

May you find moments of quiet contentment and joy beyond comparison this holiday season. 

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